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Policies & Procedures

Attendance and Tardiness 

All Peanut Gallery Players classes are held at Meadow Brook Theatre on the campus of Oakland University. Please use the lower level entrance on the North side of Wilson Hall for student drop-off and pick-up. Regular attendance is necessary to maintain skill. If your child cannot attend class, please inform us as far in advance as possible. Please be on time. Arriving late causes disruption and the student may miss essential exercises. Students rely on each other for continuity, especially where scene work is involved. Any student with an excessive number of absences and/or late arrivals may be replaced at the discretion of the director. Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes following their class. No students will be allowed outside of the designated pick-up area while not in class. Students found outside designated areas may be cause for dismissal. 



Prerequisite Classes 

Class enrollment is limited. Any student wishing to perform in one of the Spring workshop productions must complete the Fall semester. In some cases, if space is available for the Spring semester, a student may be allowed to audition for an open slot. This does not apply to the Broadway Dance or Show Choir classes. These classes will have open enrollment throughout the year on a first come, first served basis. 



Make-up Classes 

If a student chooses not to attend due to a personal choice or conflict, classes WILL NOT BE MADE UP. In the event of a facility closing due to inclement weather or event conflict, make up classes may be arranged sometime during the Fall and/or Spring semester. 



Tuition and Registration Information 

Payment is due with registration. There is an annual, non-refundable fee of $20 required, once per family, each calendar year. For convenience, tuition may be divided into two payments. A $10 “2 Payment Option Fee” will apply. 



Multiple Class & Family Discounts 

For all students taking 2 or more classes, or for families who have 2 or more students attending classes, a 10% discount off the total enrollment fee will apply. (The Registration Fee & 2 Payment Option Fee are applied AFTER the discount is taken off) 




If a student cancels after their registration has been processed, up to and including the first class, the amount paid (less the $20 registration fee) will be refunded. NO REFUNDS are available to students who withdraw after the second class. If any class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, the full amount paid will be refunded. 



Returned Checks 

A $20 service fee will be charged for any check that is returned. 



Enrollment Procedure 

Class enrollment is limited. Please email for class availability. Upon scheduling of class placement, confirmation will be emailed. Final enrollment in class is not confirmed until receipt of payment and all registration forms. 



Mail all forms to: 


P.O. Box 70354

Rochester Hills, MI 48307-0354

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